Tips For Your Financial Future


Climate Change (And Investing Opportunities)

Written by Mike Adams on Wednesday, 13 September 2017.

Climate Change is slowly becoming a widely accepted concern, and the future will be tasked with solving it. Could there be investment opportunities in the solutions that arise?

Benchmarking - Part 2: Debt

Written by Mike Adams on Thursday, 29 June 2017.

Last week we talked about the critira Mike suggests employers looking into when they're benchmarking their 401(k). Now let's talk about what debt can do to an employee's mindset and work. And how a 401(k) can actually make a big difference

Benchmarking - Part 1

Written by Mike Adams on Monday, 26 June 2017.

You've problably heard of benchmarking, but how do you go about implementing benchmarking in deciding what kind of 401(k) or retirement plan is best for your company? Mike has a few suggestions that create a more complete picture of benchmarking your 401(k).

The Ramifications of Impeachment

Written by Mike Adams on Monday, 22 May 2017.

If Donald Trump is impeached, what would the markets look like? Mike looks at the history of presidential impeachment to track similarities and prepare for whatever 2017 could bring.

The Equation Has Changed - Part 2

Written by Mike Adams on Tuesday, 18 April 2017.

We discussed in our last post how the structure of the investment industry has changed as a whole; now let's talk about the evolution of your savings. Why do you have to put 10% away in your retirement savings when 4% used to be enough?

The Equation Has Changed - Part 1

Written by Mike Adams on Thursday, 30 March 2017.

Technology is changing most industries rapidly - how has it changed investing and investment advising? Mike takes a 2-part look at the way the investment industry has changed and how it could be affecting the way we make money.

New Year, New Everything

Written by Mike Adams on Thursday, 09 February 2017.

What does Mike think 2017 will bring? He addresses the Trump Administration, the stimulus package, and the potential for a trade war. What do you think is next?

The Trump Transition

Written by Mike Adams on Friday, 02 December 2016.

President-elect Donald Trump has begun his transition to the White House. It doesn't matter where you stand on the political scale, it's time to look at the reality of Trump's election promises and their potential impact.

The History of Crowdfunding

Written by Mike Adams on Wednesday, 21 September 2016.

Mike believes that Crowdfunding is a powerful tool that can help spread funding to entrepreneurs all over the world. How did Crowdfunding get its start, and what makes it different from venture capitalism? 

Brexit: Who, What, Where, and Why?

on Friday, 29 July 2016.

Brexit has dramatic implications not only for Europe and the EU, but also for the global market. How did the UK get to this point and where might they go from here? Mike discusses his thoughts on Britian's dramatic choice.

The Three Ps of a 401(k)

Written by Mike Adams on Wednesday, 20 July 2016.

Mike's thoughts on the DOL rule, reitrement and 401(k) plans, and how to protect yourself against bad deals.

On Brexit, the Flat Market, and the BIG DEEP BEAR MARKET

Written by Mike Adams on Friday, 08 July 2016.

The UK is pulling out of the EU. This is not Lehman Brothers. It is not a financial crisis for America or most of the rest of the world. The markets will churn and bobble in the short-term. My thoughts are for the longer-run.

What the Fiduciary?

Written by Mike Adams on Monday, 27 June 2016.

British comedian John Oliver recently did an episode of Last Week Tonight on retirement plans - how the idustry has filled up with hidden fees and accounts meant to make banks and brokers money - and not you.

The End?

Written by Mike Adams on Monday, 27 June 2016.

Mike talks about the supercycle all the time - the secular bull market, the emerging markets, and what's happening in between - but how will it all end? And how can we be prepared for it?

When To Sell A Stock

Written by Mike Adams on Wednesday, 04 May 2016.

When you buy stocks, where do you focus? On old blue-chips? The latest cutting-edge technology? Something else? Mike talks about how investing has changed just in the last few decades, and what that can mean for returns.
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