The AFC Difference

Professional Portfolio Manager With Over 20 Years of Experience

Professional Portfolio Manager With Over Twenty Years of Experience

Adams Financial Concepts is a fee-based registered investment advisory firm based in the heart of downtown Seattle, specializing in creating and maintaining wealth for the “Soon-to-be-Affluent” and “Affluent” as well as for those affluent who are seeking to generate enough annual income for the remainder of their lives. Our clients typically seek better performance with both growth and security from their investment portfolios and a reduction of the time spent in overseeing the multitude of decisions that go into managing an investment portfolio.

OUR VISION: To strive to build and maintain wealth for our clients with superior performance given returns commensurate with risks.


  • You as the client are the first and most important priority in all portfolio decisions.
  • There are only a handful of managers out of thousands who, over the long-term, have done better than the market.
  • Historical relationships in the financial markets are consistent and may be in the future.
  • Aberrations may occur and some of those may provide investment opportunities.
  • The markets are irrational on the short-term basis, but efficient in the long-term.

OUR MISSION: Superior security selection chosen not just on the security itself but also in relation to all other securities in the portfolio.

Please visit our The AFC Difference page to learn more about or methodology. For an expanded look at our practice, click here to download a PDF of The Essential AFC Overview whitepaper. Additional questions may also be answered by visiting our FAQ page.

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